Menicon Bloom Night™


  • The first Ortho-K lens with CE approval for myopia control in Europe
  • Myopia control and myopia correction combined
  • Easy to fit contact lenses and monitoring of patients through our new Menicon Bloom Easyfit software
  • Direct contact and monitoring of feedback from patients through the Menicon Bloom app and Menicon Bloom Easyfit
  • A complete treatment plan that encompasses contact lenses, care solutions, software and fitting protocol


  Menicon Bloom Night™ (sphere) Menicon Bloom Night™ Toric
Target audience Myopes up to -4.00 DS
Corneal cylinder Up to -1.50 DC with-the-rule astigmatism or up to -0.50 DC against-the-rule astigmatism. If higher, then select Menicon Bloom Night Toric -1.50 DC to -2.50 DC with-the-rule astigmatism; -0.75 DC to -1.50 DC against-the-rule astigmatism
BC 7.50 mm - 9.50 mm
Power Plano
Tangent Between 50° and 65° Between 46° and 63°
Sag Height 1.00 mm to 1.80mm, in increments of 0.01 mm
Diameter 10.20 mm, 10.60 mm, 11.00 mm
Material Menicon Z (right red and left blue)
Fenestrations 3 on the reverse side

Lens design

Menicon Bloom Night is our Ortho-K option within the Menicon Bloom treatment plan. Ortho-K is used to inhibit the increase of myopia. In addition, the lens wearer sees clearly during the day without glasses or lenses. The lens has a correction zone in the centre and a tangential zone in the periphery. These two zones are connected by a reverse zone.

Menicon Bloom Night Toric is designed for children with a higher corneal cylinder. The lens has two tangents and sag heights, but the design of the lens is the same as that of Menicon Bloom Night (Sphere).


Menicon Bloom Night is easily fitted using a corneal topographer and Menicon Bloom Easyfit. Menicon Bloom Night can be fitted with a corneal cylinder up to -1.50 DC against the rule and up to -0.50 DC against the rule. Menicon Bloom Night Toric allows up to -2.50 DC with the rule, -1.50 DC against the rule. Menicon Bloom Easyfit calculates the lens based on the exported topography images and the entered subjective refraction. Please remember to accurately measure the corneal diameter for a correct fitting.

Lens care solutions

Menicon Bloom Care is recommended for daily use. This in combination with Menicon Bloom Progent as a monthly treatment to remove protein deposits. Spray & Clean can be recommended as an additional daily cleaner against greasy deposits.

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