Menicon Bloom Day™


  • Soft daily contact lens CE approval for myopia control in Europe
  • Myopia control and myopia correction combined
  • Lens fitting and progress monitoring via optimized, easy-to-use Easyfit module
  • Direct contact and monitoring of patients through the Menicon Bloom app and Menicon Bloom Easyfit
  • Clear agreements between eye care specialist and patient through informed consent
  • Very hygienic, a new set of lenses every day


Power -0.25 DS to -10.00 DS (-0.25 steps)
Diameter 14.50 mm
BC  8.30 mm
Material Etafilcon A
Water content 58%

Lens design 

The lens design is very similar to an ortho-k profile. Research shows that this power profile is very effective when it comes to slowing down the progression of myopia. The power distribution in the design ensures stable vision. In general, patients quickly adjust to the higher power in the periphery.


  • Fitting the Menicon Bloom Day design is easy via Easyfit.
  • Please note: Easyfit’s advice will often be -0.25 DS higher than expected. This is calculated by Easyfit on the basis of the lens design and is therefore correct.
  • It is important that inspection of the lens on the eye takes place after 15 minutes. The patient needs this time to get used to the distance vision.
  • It is also important not to use distance vision refraction. Have the patient look at a reading card through a phoropter or trial frame and ask if the image is clear. In the case of an unclear image, trial lenses with an extra -0.25 DS can be used to resolved. If this does not provide any improvement, Menicon Bloom Day lenses may not be a suitable solution for the patient.

Lens care 

It is important to replace the daily contact lenses every day, no further lens care is necessary.

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