The Menicon Bloom treatment plan has been developed to allow the safe and effective application of myopia control.  It can only be administered by a certified eye care professional for the purposes of myopia control and myopia correction. 

The Menicon Bloom treatment plan places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of communication between the eye care professional and the patient.  The enhanced communication allows for closer monitoring of the progress of myopia control.

The plan also provides access to new and previously established treatment protocols to help achieve successful myopia control for your patients. A number of additional references are also available to patients or their parents/guardians. This includes websites, brochures, informed consent forms and a mobile app. The plan was designed to provide the patient with deeper insights into myopia and help them understand what they can expect from their Menicon Bloom treatment. 

Menicon Bloom Easyfit and the Menicon Bloom app

A key part of Menicon Bloom is the combination of between Menicon Bloom Easyfit and the Menicon Bloom app. The Menicon Bloom app has been developed to simplify communication between the patient and their eye care professional. This offers both parties several advantages. The patient regularly completes a brief survey about his/her experience of wearing the lenses. It also enables both parties to message each other. This makes it much easier for the eye care professional can monitor the patient’s progress throughout the treatment. All these data are uploaded to the associated files within Menicon Bloom Easyfit. These data are then used to generate progress reports and charts which can be viewed at any point during the treatment. Over and above the obvious advantages these linked systems have in terms of patient safety, it also gives you more detailed insights and the opportunity to get to know your patients better.

Contact lens options

The treatment plan consists of contact lenses that restrict the progression of myopia. As well as inhibiting the development of myopia, the Menicon Bloom lenses also correct existing myopia so your patient can see clearly during the day. Menicon Bloom includes both Menicon Bloom Night (orthokeratology) and Menicon Bloom Day (soft daily contact lenses).

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More information

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