Menicon to launch its first daily disposable toric contact lens in the UK market

  • Features SmartTouchTM - unique, minimal packaging for convenient and hygienic handling
  • Menicon’s Smart Fit technology orients the lens when first applied and throughout the day – for all day comfort 

Menicon Ltd has confirmed it is to launch a toric version of its award-nominated Miru 1day Flat Pack contact lens on 1 September, the first time it has released a lens for astigmatism for daily disposable use in the UK.

The move means that this popular lens, with its unique combination of all-day comfort, hygienic handling and convenience, can now be prescribed for patients with astigmatism.

Kevin Mitchell, managing director of Menicon UK, said:  “Unlike many toric lenses which have to be applied in a specific way to ensure clear vision, our Miru 1 day Flat Pack Toric lens will rotate to the correct axis to give stable, clear vision all day long. 

“This lens is also likely to appeal to the growing number of contact lens wearers who wish to reduce their use of plastic in their everyday life.”

All day comfort

The lens features a bi-aspheric thinner toric design which matches the natural eyelid contours, providing high levels of comfort and axis stability.  The lens material bonds with tears, locking in moisture and allowing rapid lens rehydration with every blink.  A smooth, low-edge profile allows the eyelid to move comfortably over the lens.  

SmartTouchTM packaging  

The innovative packaging  - inspired by the qualities of a sticking plaster – is the slimmest in the word at just 1mm thick. The design means the inner surface of the lens remains hygienic during application because the patient only touches the outer surface of the lens. This attracts three times less bacterial contamination* compared to conventional packaging. The pack can be slipped inside a purse or mobile phone case for on-the-go convenience. 

Environmental credentials

The packaging of Miru 1day Flat Pack Toric uses significantly less raw materials and is recyclable.   It results in 80% less waste compared to conventional packaging. In addition, the storage case is made from the molds that produce the lenses inside the pack, demonstrating the circular use of raw materials. 

Menicon is updating its online toric calculator to include Miru 1day Flat Pack Toric. It also plans to release an e-learning module to support eye care professionals gain detailed knowledge of this latest contact lens product. 


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