Expansion and relocation of the European Distribution Center

Menicon currently operates subsidiaries overseas, including local corporations in France and Germany that celebrated their 40th and 30th anniversaries, respectively, as well as the ones in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, and Italy, in addition to the US, Singapore and Australia. Using these local subsidiaries as starting points, we distribute contact lenses to over 50 countries around the world. Making use of these networks to meet the ever-growing demand for disposable lenses worldwide, we are focusing on ensuring a speedy and reliable product supply.

With the expansion of the disposable lens market and the increase in distribution volume accompanying the expansion of worldwide markets, including Asia, the volume of transactions at the Rödermark distribution center has grown steadily since it first opened. Since this trend is anticipated to continue, we have been preparing for this relocation.
The new facility has over 1.5 times more space than the former facility, and is being operated efficiently by members of the team who have ample distribution experience. Moreover, the new facility enjoys outstanding access to transportation hubs such as Frankfurt Airport, making it possible to efficiently supply products, not only within Europe but also to other continents.

To enhance distribution services further, Menicon will continue to invest in the new distribution center, and plans to complete a new building on the same premises in 2021. Using our ever-growing distribution capabilities as our weapon, we will continue to deliver Menicon’s innovative products efficiently and reliably to our customers all over the world.

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