Myopia Awareness Week 2022

Myopia Awareness Week 2022 
Myopia is now recognised globally as a significant public health concern. Current research shows this condition affects approximately 30% of the world’s population and recent forecasts indicate this could increase to half of the world’s population by 2050.  
It’s certainly a stark thought but recent advances in treatment options and prevention techniques could help to turn this around.  
Today marks the start of Myopia Awareness Week. Putting a spotlight on the condition, an event like this is a crucial opportunity to raise awareness of myopia while also increasing visibility and knowledge of the treatment options available.     
Levels of childhood myopia have increased, now affecting 30% of adolescents in industrialised western societies and reaching epidemic levels of over 90% in some parts of Far East Asia.  
The rise in childhood myopia has been linked to increased exposure to screens, whether that is a smartphone or tablet. Increased “close work”, for example reading, playing computer games or drawing, is also believed to be a significant driver. 
While the diagnosis of childhood myopia is relatively straightforward process, we know that ECPs need support and guidance on how to engage with parents about the treatment options available. In turn, parents need reassurance that ECPs will offer the best treatment options available to their children.  
In April we launched Menicon Bloom, a new holistic treatment plan for childhood myopia control with an international marketing campaign focusing on educating, inspiring and exciting your patients and their families.  
Bringing to life the many benefits of the Menicon Bloom treatment plan, the campaign - titled ‘See Their Imagination Bloom’ - brings a rich and visual animated world to life emphasising the importance of eye health in childhood.  
The Menicon Bloom treatment plan features two contact lenses that are CE approved specifically for myopia control: Menicon Bloom Night™, a specially designed orthokeratology contact lens, and Menicon Bloom Day™, an extended depth of focus soft daily disposable contact lens.  
As well as our innovative lenses, our Bloom treatment plan includes a state-of-the-art app with Menicon Easyfit software which can help prevent patient drop out. Using the mobile app means ECPs can also easily track and monitor a patient’s treatment through regular surveys.  
For parents, juggling a busy workload and young children is a constant challenge. Menicon Bloom has been specifically designed with this in mind and aims to be reassuringly easy to incorporate into a child’s daily routine.  
For ECPs and parents, the benefits and safety of our treatment plan are paramount. For us, it’s about appealing to their hearts and minds, combining the innovative science behind these lenses with the vision of possibility our children can experience with healthy eyes.   
This Myopia Awareness Week lets redouble our efforts to treat and reduce childhood myopia. Let’s do what we can now to ensure our young people experience the best vision for as long as possible.  
Visit our website for more information on Menicon Bloom and how it can help your patients: www.menicon.com/product/contact-lenses 


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