Love Your Lenses Week 2022

For many wearers, contact lenses have become a routine part of their daily lives, providing a simple, and sometimes truly life changing, way to enhance their vision. With a huge array of products and styles available across the industry, we can probably all agree that contact lenses have opened up a whole new world for patients. 


However, with all the benefits that come with contact lenses, providing patients and customers with the right information around how to apply, wear and dispose of lenses safely and and hygienically remains paramount to promoting eye health.  


As we draw to a close on ‘Love Your Lenses Week’, an annual event which shines a celebratory spotlight on all things content lenses. As a sponsor of this year’s Love your Lenses Week, Menicon is committed to playing its part in supporting eye care practitioners (ECPs) across the UK so that they can provide the very best service to their patients. 


This year’s Love Your Lenses Week campaign aims to inspire ECPs to get talking about contact lenses and encourage their patients to give them a try. 


As we continue to emerge from the pandemic and normal life resumes, many people have chosen to switch from wearing spectacles to contact lenses - particularly after several years of mask wearing and the inevitable foggy glasses! Not only does this generation of new and returning wearers bring a welcome boost to smaller independent ECP businesses, it also presents a great opportunity for opticians across the board to refresh their messaging and education on hygiene and eye health. At Menicon Ltd, we really encourage our customers to have regular conversations with their patients about how to take care when applying and disposing of their lenses. Safety and eye health are key pillars of our business and underpin everything we do.  


At the recent BCLA Focus Conference, we were excited to unveil the final member of our Miru 1Day UpSide family - our all-new Miru 1day Upside Toric. This innovative toric lens is the first of its kind to feature Smart Touch™ packaging. Unlike conventional packaging, the advanced smart zone in the case (replace with ‘blister’) ensures that the inner lens surface faces downwards. This offers quick and easy application with the lens always facing the correct way up. Furthermore, it allows the inner surface of the lens to remain uncontaminated with the wearer only touching the outer surface of the lens. 


Our Miru 1day UpSide Toric features new breathable ultra-low modulus material, offering maximum comfort for users with its silky smooth surface and great shape retention. The lens’ advanced design respects the eye’s natural shape, allowing it to naturally orientate on the eye, regardless of how it is applied. So our customers can wear their lenses all day long with the confidence that they are fully complementary to their unique eye surface. Find out more about our new Miru 1day UpSide Toric here: https://www.menicon.co.uk/consumer/products/disposables/miru-1day-upside 


This Love Your Lenses Week we want to thank our dedicated ECPs and customers across the country who are so passionate about their patients’ sight. After a really tough couple of years, it’s exciting to be able to get back together at industry events like the BCLA and celebrate the truly magnificent impact contact lenses can have on people's lives. 

Happy wearers mean happy ECPs and that means a happy Menicion!   



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