Could contact lenses be the real strokesaver?

In a sport where technology changes at pace, golf equipment now offers players the ability to hit the ball further, straighter, and sink straighter putts with better-balanced putters.  It provides everything the golfer wants to shave those few strokes off their handicap if they are willing to spend time, energy, and money in doing so.  And this technology is great but one piece of equipment some golfers may be overlooking is their eyes.  Golf is, after all, a visual sport.

The eyes help you to judge distance, direction, alignment, and focus.  They help you to read the greens accurately, judging the contours and slopes.   So why do so many overlook this most important piece of equipment?  

USPGA golfer Patrick Reid is one player who did not make this oversight.  It was widely reported that an eye check just a few weeks before he played the 2018 Masters championship, resulting in contact lenses being prescribed,  played a major role in him winning his first green jacket.

Every kind of shot, from tee to fairway to the putting green, your eyes are the most important equipment you use.  So could contact lenses be the strokesaver you’re looking for?  

There are many benefits to wearing contact lenses rather than glasses on the course.  


Some people may be put off wearing contact lenses because of dry eyes, but like golf club equipment, advances in technology and the materials used now offer the highest levels of comfort, and deliver more oxygen to the eye, meaning a longer, more comfortable wear.  Lenses also offer UV protection, and unlike glasses, remain clear regardless of environment or weather conditions such as rain.  

More Stable Vision

Contact lenses provide a full range of vision, making it easy to shift your focus from the ball to the target and back, helping to track your ball flight.  Shifting focus from near to far and far to near also means lining up putts becomes easier. And unlike glasses, they won’t slip as you move your head up and down on the green.

Lenses to suit every eye condition

Like custom-fit golf clubs, contact lenses can also be made to-order to fit your specific eye condition and prescription, so there is a lens for every type of wearer.  For example, multifocal contact lenses are available for players with multiple prescriptions in one lens.  These can help you to gauge the depth of distances and help to keep your eye on the ball through full swings.  

So you see there are lots of benefits to wearing contact lenses.  They won’t however propel you from the weekly club medal to the PGA tour or catapult you from your county team to the Ryder Cup team, but they will give you a clearer focus and aim. And surely that’s a win.

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