Contact lenses and eye health made easy

Contact lenses and eye health made easy

Over the past 18 months, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining good health and hygiene against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The importance of practising good hygiene when it comes to eyewear is all the more essential to protecting our health in a pandemic, but protecting eye health remains crucial in itself. 

Sight loss is a growing problem - every day around 250 people start to lose their sight in the UK. These staggeringly high numbers are even more troubling when you consider that sight is the sense that the majority of people fear losing the most. This fundamental disconnect between concern and action exposes a harsh reality about eye care and health - many of us do not know how to look after our eyes and we are inadvertently setting ourselves up for bigger eye health problems further down the line. 

For eye care professionals, this presents an enormous challenge when it comes to advising patients and educating them on how to maintain good eye health. Finding the right contact lens for your patients has a very important role to play when it comes to maintaining eye health, comfort and patient retention. To put it simply, adopting the right lens from the outset is as important for the wearer as it is for your business.

To coincide with National Eye Health Week, Menicon has added an exciting new addition to the Miru family of lenses which sets a new gold standard in contact lenses with its health and hygiene credentials. It is an innovative silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens that offers unique hygienic and hassle-free handling. In the midst of the pandemic, when there is a great deal of anxiety about wearing contact lenses, this is contact lenses made easy and the idea is that, with fewer eye issues arising due to contamination, you as professionals will see your patients less, while patients will see better.

Delivering up to three times more oxygen to the eye compared to leading hydrogel lenses; with a unique edge profile whatever the power, ensuring that the thickness remains constant, and with a super-smooth, low-friction, highly wettable surface, Menicon 1day Upside provides a combination of high oxygen for health with exceptional softness and comfort.


In an era where we continue to glorify busyness, the new Miru 1day UpSide lens offers your patients an easy-to-use lens to suit their busy lifestyle - helping to reduce dropout rates for your practice. For patients who have abandoned contact lenses previously, this could offer an easy solution that they did not have originally. But it is the hygienic handling system that really packs a punch with its eye health prowess as it should ultimately lead to less time in the chair.

Essentially, the SmartTouchTM packaging system ensures every lens faces the right way up and can be removed and inserted without the patient having to touch its inner surface, eliminating the risk of contamination and making insertion easier and quicker. For those patients who feel uncomfortable touching their eyes, this makes the process as seamless as possible.

This lens delivers on health, hygiene, vision, comfort and convenience. Vision matters - but that does not mean that eye health has to be hard. 

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