A contact lens specialist, embracing precision craftsmanship to see life in detail

Pioneers in contact lens innovation since 1951

As a pioneering company that developed Japan’s first practical corneal contact lens, Menicon has held steadfast to values of safety and strived to create comfortable and convenient contact lenses. Currently, we are moving forward as a global enterprise while providing the joy of sight to the world.

By melding creative technology and detailed customer service inherent to Japan, we hope to give you much to look forward to in our future as we strive to “provide better vision.”

Dedicated to contact lenses

With our head office in Nagoya, Japan, we create all of our contact lenses from beginning to end, developing our own unique materials to which we apply the science of vision and design.
We were granted the world’s first silicone hydrogel contact lens material patent in 1979, another historic milestone in our history.

Menicon - History

In 1950, 19-year old Kyoichi Tanaka was employed at Tamamizuya optical shop and first heard of contact lenses from the wife of a U.S. Army officer.

From this encounter, through his own research, he developed the first corneal contact lens in Japan in 1951.

The Man Who Invented the Japanese Contact Lens


1952 - Nippon Contact Lens Research Institute founded.

1957 - Nippon Contact Lens Co., Ltd. founded.

1965 - Company renamed Toyo Contact Lens Co., Ltd.

1967 - “Menicon” registered as a trademark.

1972 - David Thomas Contact Lenses formed in the UK.

1973 - Menicon Soft introduced.

1975 - Intraocular lenses developed.

1976 - David Thomas Contact Lenses moved from Croydon to a new manufacturing plant in Northampton and added soft lens production to their portfolio.

1977 - Menicon Europe is founded in France.

1979 - Menicon granted the patent for the world’s first silicone hydrogel contact lens material.

1985 - David Thomas Contact Lenses make their second and final move to larger premises in Northampton after experiencing significant growth.

1987 - Toyo Contact Lens Co Ltd and Menicon Co Ltd merge to become Menicon Company Ltd.

1997 - Menicon Z is launched.

2001 - Menicon America is founded.

2005 - David Thomas Contact Lenses have acquired a number of smaller speciality lens companies to expand product range and invest in improved manufacturing systems.

2006 - David Thomas Contact Lenses finalise the acquisition of Nova Contact Lenses who manufacturer the Rose K brand of lenses. Menicon acquires NKL Contactlenzen in Netherlands.

2009 - Menicon complete the acquisition of David Thomas Contact Lenses.

2013 - Miru 1 Day Menicon Flat Pack introduced to market, the world’s first, and still only, flat pack daily disposable.

2016 - David Thomas Ltd renamed as Menicon UK Ltd  and David Thomas is registered as a brand name. An improved Miru 1 Day Menicon Flat Pack is launched in UK, and a dedicated UK team is built to support it.

Menicon Ltd.

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