Menicon Bloom Night™ 

The orthokeratology lenses that are part of the Menicon Bloom treatment plan are called Menicon Bloom Night lenses. They help slow the progression of myopia while also correcting your vision.

You wear the lenses while you sleep and the lenses gently reshape the outer layer of your cornea. This new shape of the cornea affects how images focus on your retina and can slow the growth of the length of your eye therefore reducing the amount of myopia you develop. So this treatment means you will not be as near-sighted as you would be if you were not using Menicon Bloom Night. On top of all this, it also means you can see clearly throughout the day without glasses or contact lenses! 

To provide the optimal care for your Menicon Bloom Night™ lenses we developed Menicon Bloom Care and Menicon Bloom Progent care solutions.

Menicon Bloom Care™

Menicon Bloom Care is suitable for everyday use to clean and store Menicon Bloom Night lenses. To keep Menicon Bloom Night lenses in optimal condition it is important to clean the lenses thoroughly with Menicon Bloom Care in the morning after removing them and store them in a clean lens case with a fresh dose of Menicon Bloom Care. 

Menicon Bloom Progent™

The monthly intensive cleaning of Menicon Bloom Progent removes proteins from the lens surface and provides strong and rapid disinfection against all organisms likely to contaminate lenses. Your Menicon Bloom Night™ lenses must be cleaned with Menicon Bloom Progent on a monthly basis. 

*The CE mark means that the lenses have been found to be safe and effective on the basis of the requirements of the European legislation for medical devices. Menicon Bloom Night lenses are the first orthokeratology lenses in Europe that have been awarded this certification for myopia control. 

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