Spray, rub, and rinse... to remove deposits and provide clean and comfortable lenses day after day

  • Preservative-free solution.
  • Gentle, nonabrasive cleaner.
  • Compatible with all GP lenses.
  • Ideal for plasma-treated GP lenses.


  • Remove the contact lens from the eye and place it on your palm.
  • Apply Spray & Clean solution to the lens and rub the lens carefully on the palm or between fingers
  • Rinse the lens thoroughly with MeniCare Plus solution and store the lens in a case filled with MeniCare Plus for overnight disinfection.
  • Repeat with the other lens.


Spray & Clean contains both anionic and non-ionic surfactants.

  • It is essential to rinse the lenses with MeniCare Plus solution after using Spray & Clean.
  • Never spray directly into the eyes.
  • Do not use for soft lenses.


Sodium Olefine Sulfonate 0.75 %
PEG Octylphenylether 0.45 %
EDTA 2 Na 0.02 %
Purified water q.s. 100

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